FYSE 121: The Life and Times of Che Guevara
Instructor: Lisa Covert

HIST 261: Afro-Cuba:  A Cultural and Political Revolution (cross listed as LACS 300)
Instructor: Matthew Pettway

HONS 382: Guantanamo Bay Prison:  Counterterrorism, US Domestic Laws, and International Law
Instructor: Mary Dejeans

HPCP 490: Historic Preservation in Cuba
Instructor: Grant Gilmore

HTMT 380: Managing Global Tourism
Instructor: Wayne Smith

LACS 200: Afro-Cuba:  A Cultural and Political Revolution  (cross listed as HIST 261)
Instructor: Matthew Pettway

LACS 300: Film, Fiction, and the Cuban Revolution
Instructor:Edward Chauca

LTSP 252: Bodies and Health in Contemporary Latin American and Latinx Literature
Instructor: Victoria Garrett

MUSC 234: Music in Latin America
Instructor: Michael O’Brien

MUSC 363: Latin America Music Ensemble
Instructor: Michael O’Brien

POLI 245: The Cuban Revolution
Instructor: Doug Friedman

THTR 288: Staging Cuba
Instructor: Vivian Appler