Pope John Paul II visits Cuba

January 24 Pope John Paul II meets Fidel Castro and spends five days visiting Cuba. Celebrates Mass on Revolution Square in Havana.

Cuba Shoots Down U.S. Civilian Planes

February 24 Cuban fighter jets shoot down 2 Cessna aircraft flown by Cuban-Americans dropping anti-Castro leaflets. US Implements Permanent Embargo March 12 US Trade embargo made permanent in response to the downing of the planes.

Cuba OKs Private Investments in State Enterprises

October 30 Cuba opens state enterprises to private investment.

UN General Assembly Passes Embargo Resolution

August 19 The United Nations General Assembly passes a resolution condemning the ongoing impact of the US embargo and declaring it in violation of the Charter of the UN and international law. This resolution is passed annually. GTMO Converted…

TV Marti Launches

March 27 US launches TV Martí, US funded anti-Castro broadcast aimed at Cuba. September  President Fidel Castro announces Cuba had entered a "Special Period" with reduced levels of import from the Soviet Union due to it's economic…

Mariel Boatlift

April 15 – October 31 Approximately 125,000 Cubans flee to the United States.

Cuban Troops to Africa

©Wikimedia Commons User:Egs / CC-BY-SA-3.0 Cuba begins sending troops to Africa to assist in revolutions.

Guevara Executed

October 9 Socialist revolutionary and guerilla leader, Che Guevara executed in La Higuera, Bolivia at the age of 39.

Political Party Renamed Communist Party of Cuba

October 3 Cuba’s sole political party renamed the Communist Party of Cuba.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Sunday, January 21 Cuba expelled from the Organization of the American States (OAS). October 15–28 Castro indicates Cuba will soon have new defenses against the US. Castro allows Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR) nuclear…